A Hopeful Romantic

Updated: Jan 4

I’ve always considered myself a hopeful romantic. I thought I had coined the term until I met someone, divinely enough, who had said the same. Love is a mystery, yet we all know it so very well. Love can be a sight, a scent, a noise, a taste or a touch. It is a feeling by which we, as humans, are encapsulated. It is what drives our soul to stay alive.

Love is something that we are all bound by on this earthly plane. It is a language spoken by all, a tongue of collective truth.

Love can come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. But the kind of love I refer to is a timeless kind of love, a romance between two dancing hearts. Trust me when I say it’s not always colourful rainbows and beautiful butterflies galore. Sometimes love is complicated, yet we always seem to crave more.

In a poem I write, “My higher self understands, but my inner child does not, how loving another can bring so much despair and distraught.” No matter how difficult it can get, between the hardships and heartbreaks, there are always hidden lessons within every experience we encounter. It is easy to overlook when we're in a subjective point of view, but it’s important to remember that things don't happen to you, but for you.

There is no such thing as a coincidence. You know that classic saying, “People come into your life for a season, a reason or a lifetime.” Well, that is certainly the naked truth.

A cosmic collision is what I like to refer to it as. It is when the paths of two separate souls eventually conjoin onto the same track, creating a universal song to sing for the ages. I’ve experienced these divine meetings and felt their pure power; this is the kind of love that encompasses your whole being, that starts a fire under your feet, and sometimes, makes it hard to breathe.

The yin and yang energy: a divine union at its core. It is no surprise that the symbol of these energies creates a full circle. It is a balancing act, a heavenly harmony that can sweep you off your feet but can also crumble if one side is not complete. What is meant by this is the inner work of the self. We have all experienced wounds throughout our life, but have you let them heal? All of our fears, traumas, and self-limiting beliefs get exposed whether we like it or not - this is a natural occurrence when you step into the arena of vulnerability. In my eyes, to be loved is to be seen. A lot of people ‘know’ us, but they only see the outskirts and not the hidden inner depths.

The caverns of the mind, the shadows of the self, these are all the secrets we keep in Pandora's box... until we give someone the key, or better yet, they find it instead...

Love is like a seed. It needs water in order to grow. Learn to let the natural downpours happen. Let them flood your seed, because sometimes, just sometimes, that’s what love will do. Allow it to feel the warmth of the sun's rays, nourishing it with happiness, abundance, and joy.

The important thing to note about the germination of a seed is that you won't notice the growth if you keep staring at it every minute of each day. You have to learn patience. Patience is key to being a good gardener of a love seed. By taking care of it every day, you will start to notice that it's the little things that pave the way.

Showing compassion and appreciation for that seed will help it dispose of any potential weeds. You will watch it grow taller as your foundation of trust strengthens. Let it reach new heights, and as time passes by, it will start to show buds. Those spring buds become a blossom, and you can stare in awe of its glory. You will see colourful rainbows and beautiful butterflies, feeling like you're in a fairytale story. A beautiful flower, a love in full bloom. And one day that flower might begin to fade, as a new season may be on its way. But as the romantics before me say, if it's meant to be, it will be, as your love could have the capacity to plant a new seed.

As a hopeful romantic, I hope I’ve done my part. To express the universal language of love, spoken within my own tongue. I have quite an optimistic view of our wondrous world, and beyond grateful for the blessings it brings. If there's anything I have learned about love, it is that it cannot be found. What is found was once lost, and love is never lost. Love is all around us, in everything we do. As one of my fellow starseeds says, love just IS. It is in the most powerful feeling on this earth plane, and in the universe at large.

I have come here for many reasons that I know to be true—casting my love upon others, planting seeds anew. You’ll throw red roses on the stage, as I end this sweet symphony with a final bow, knowing that love exists in the eternal present, right here, right now.

Written By: The Shapeshifter, aka Danielle Martin


Danielle is a passionate, gifted artist. Follow her and her amazing work on Instagram: @_theshapeshifter you will enjoy it.

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