That is what most people have said when I tell them I'm embarking on this grand voyage across Canada by myself. It made me start to wonder… Is it brave to follow your heart? Is it brave to listen to your intuition? Is it brave to follow the call of your soul? I suppose for some, that's exactly what it is, brave.

Many of us never follow our inner guidance, never take action upon our ideas, our goals and aspirations, our dreams. But why? It's because of one thing–fear. Fear is a silent killer, and it works directly with self-limiting beliefs we carry within the caverns of our mind. How can we live meaningful, authentic, and heart-centred lives when we ignore the very nature of our own knowing? The answer is simple; we can't.

Planning a travel route on a map
Love's Dialogue: Travelling across Canada

The more I have journeyed beyond the walls within my own mind and confronted the shadow sides of myself, the more I understand why there are so many lost souls walking around in a daze. Too often, we chase material objects, money and people to serve our unfulfilled ego. And while these things may serve as a' quick fix', they will never bring us consistent contentment and fill our cups. We get stuck inside these vicious cycles because we can't see an end in sight. We commit to jobs we are not passionate about for a lifetime to earn the security of a paycheck. We exhaust our energy into things we don't even enjoy doing because we feel we "have to", or feel it is "our responsibility" to do so.

We like to think that change grows slowly over time, but it can happen in an instant.

A young woman thinks about balance
Love's Dialogue: Thinking about balance

I can attest to these feelings and these cycles, and it is a miserable place to be. I have been experiencing this for only a few months, but that is long enough for me. I kept ignoring my inner "knowing" to slow down, to stop giving all my energy into work. I stopped putting myself first. I stopped doing the things that gave me joy, pleasure and balance. And even when I created more balance in my life, my commitments still felt like a chore. It took a deep soulful breakdown to admit and utter the words, "I am not happy". I knew something had to change... but what? I reflected upon what my heart has been calling for me to do–what I have envisioned so clearly in my mind for over a year...driving across Canada.

I had been so attached to the details of this vision that it kept me from taking action towards it. I was forgetting what the main purpose of the voyage was. To travel, to experience new landscapes, and new people. As much as it has been a physical journey, it's been just as much, maybe even more so, of an internal one.

We like to think that change grows slowly over time, but it can happen in an instant. As soon as I looked into the mirror of my soul, connected with my heart, and listened to my inner knowing, the light switch went off, and I knew what I had to do. I had to embark on this journey, this calling I have had whispering in my ear for over 365 days. I left the comfort of my home, my environment and charged gracefully into the unknown. Were there self-limiting beliefs that arose? Yes. Was I fearful about the unknown? Yes. Did I put that aside, trust my intuition and do it anyway? Yes. Yes, I did.

I confronted those thoughts and feelings that were arising inside of me and listened to them because they had something to say. But I did not let them depict my actions or change my mind. Once they were seen and appreciated, I flushed them out of my system, and I stepped fully into my power. I wasn't nervous or afraid. I was more excited than anything to finally see my visions manifest before my eyes. I switched timelines. I created a new reality for myself, one I had been foreshadowing for some time. As Grace Cirocco says, "Your body can't go where your mind has never been." Yes, the unknown can be uncomfortable, but it is also beautiful and enlightening. It is the heart of change, growth, and transformation.

I found a book recently, maybe it found me, but nonetheless, it was one of those meant to be situations. As soon as I read the title, "Take the Step: The Bridge Will Be There", I felt a deep resonance within myself. That title is a complete mirror to my decision to follow my heart. Cirocco writes that those words can easily be interchanged to "the bridge will be there, so take the step". It is one thing to think something, to see it in your mind's eye, but it's a whole other ball game to actually take action upon it. And that action needs faith accompanied by its side because that's where the true magic unfolds.

A young woman smiles and is happy
Love's Dialogue: Happy to embrace growth and change.

Stepping into uncertainty, into the unknown, is a process that requires your fullest self. You must be willing to face your own shadows along the way to break down barriers of beliefs. You must have the courage of a thousand lions and the willingness to be vulnerable. You must embody the power that lies within you. You must follow your soul's calling. You must be brave.

The Shapeshifter

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