Fulfilling the Vision

December 23’ 2021

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Fulfilling the Vision

We all have dreams, aspirations, goals and visions. It is an integral part of what makes us human. I believe we came here to embody the highest version of ourselves, whatever that may look like, for it is subjective to each person. Nonetheless, this deep desire to make our dreams a reality is something we have all felt a longing for, and we will continue to experience this as long as we are in this physical 3D plane of existence.

Fulfilling the Vision
Stones of Meaning

I was talking to one of my soulmate's today about his life's journey thus far and what that has entailed over the years. We discussed the patterns and loops that have consistently shown up and the different aspects of himself that seem to come and go in phases. One of the many things we talked about was his aspirations of what he wants to see come to fruition– his desires for this lifetime, his visions.

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Something we all seem to struggle with at some point in our lives is getting out of the airy energy of the mind and stepping into the "groundedness" of this reality. And for him, this is no exception. When we focus solely on the vision at large, we often get caught in a 'daydreaming' mode that keeps us stuck in our own minds instead of grounded on Earth. And this is where so many of us get lost… the space in between. We have a goal in mind to reach, but how do we actually get there?

"The Universe Has Your Back" is a well-known book written by Gabby Bernstein. And the title says it all. The universe, God, Source, Creation, whatever you call the higher power above, does have our back, and it's important to remember that it is working for us, not against us.

This power is constantly helping us to achieve our highest potential, but the catch is, we have to meet it halfway.

We must realize that to fulfil our visions; we have to put in work as well. We are co-creating with the universe. It is a team effort that requires trust, faith, patience, vision, and action.

We can manifest all we want and set the intentions, but sometimes that is not enough…Now, hear me out, I am a big believer in intention setting and manifesting, and I practice this very often! But let's be clear..when it comes to bigger dreams and desires, this is where we need to put our own power to work– this is where the "meet the universe halfway" kicks in.

So, how do we 'make it happen'? As cliche as it sounds, the answer is to take one step at a time. I say it's a cliche because we have heard this saying over again. But when certain phrases are spoken generation after generation, there is always a universal truth behind it.

Later that evening, I chatted with my dear cousin, to whom I am very close. I touched on the conversation I had earlier about having a vision and taking practical steps towards it. I remember saying to her, "I know that the information flowing through me was intended for him to hear, but I realized after that it was also for me." I, too, sometimes struggle with too much thinking and not enough doing (don't we all!). So I started reflecting upon some practical daily tasks I can accomplish to get me closer to my grand visions.

Now it's your turn! Create some time for yourself to reflect upon your dreams, aspirations, goals and visions.

Take out a journal and start writing them down one by one. The key here is to work backwards from your big goal. What needs to happen for you to reach it? By working backwards, you will dwindle down to the very first step you can take. Start making a plan of simple tasks you can accomplish every day.

The more specific you can be, the better. And then… do it! As I spoke of earlier, manifestation techniques and intention setting are extremely powerful tools to utilize. When we combine practical steps with manifestation, we create fertile soil for our aspirations to bloom and transpire.

Vision means the act or power of seeing– something that you can imagine. So let me ask you this… what do you see? And how can you turn that into a reality? It is easy to get overwhelmed by the task at large, so the solution is, start small! You have the power to fulfil your visions, and you can do so by taking one. step. at. a. time.

Danielle Martin, AKA: The Shapeshifter

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