Piecing Together the Puzzle

Nov. 2, 2021

Pearce Estate Park


Piecing Together the Puzzle

Sometimes when I'm feeling great despair, I wonder if it would be easier to have a remote to life; To be able to fast forward through all the really painful and heart wrenching experiences. But if we had that ability to skip through what we wanted, what would the essence of life consist of?

Piecing together the puzzle
Thinking about life

The rawness, vulnerability, and heartache is all a part of this short and precious human existence. Without our trials and turmoil, there would be no growth. And without growth, there is no transformation, no acceleration of consciousness and no accession of our souls.

If you ask me, a life of consistent positive, joyful and uplifting experiences seems pretty ideal when we are facing challenges head-on. When we are lost in our own minds and amidst our wounds and traumas, it is much harder to see our situation from a higher perspective. It's almost like we are caught in a fog that we cannot seem to clear.

As soon as we are able, or more so, willing, to rise above the haze, it is possible to appreciate the discomfort you feel. It may take some time, as time is a great healer; nevertheless, you will be able to see how this experience has helped shape you into the person you are today. There is always a lesson to be learned in every experience we encounter, no matter how difficult it may be. I believe some of the greatest gifts in this world we receive through trying times are knowledge and wisdom. They can never be taken from us, as they are irreplaceable and our birthright to have.

In a journal entry, I wrote earlier this month, I was reflecting upon how much our lives are like puzzles. Slowly but surely, the pieces start to come together. Each year we will find a few more pieces to add to the picture. We might lose some pieces or find some in a place that we didn't expect. Maybe some of the pieces are scratched or torn. We may need assistance from others to help fit some of them together. Some sections of our puzzles will come together faster than others. And sometimes, we can only see parts of the picture while the rest is still a mystery.

But What if we were not given a clear picture to follow? Or what if our picture changes?

Maybe this is the case. I believe the picture might as well be one big question mark! But that's the paradox... the great beauty of it all. We have the power to create the life we want, and we can create our own picture. However your journey unfolds, it is uniquely yours.

Piecing together the puzzle
One step at the time

One step at a time is all we have to do, and the rest will be figured out in divine time, as it always is. When despair comes our way, we often collapse, and to it, we must surrender, open our sacred hearts and feel through the pain. And when we are ready to scramble up from the mud, we will rise, conquer and receive the gifts that await us; the lessons brought, the wisdom acquired and the transformation that took place. We will gather the pieces we found, put them in their rightful place and start piecing together the next ones.

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