The Falcon's Fang and The Wolf's Wing

Updated: Jan 21

Nothing special about this post, but the show must go on in spite of my confusion, a self-imposed confusion if I'm honest, but one that has affected my behaviour in ways that I did not expect at this stage in my life.

The article I wanted to share today isn't ready; it is full of more confusion as it deals with my assertions about how certain belief systems can be toxic to the idea of love. And not because they are not founded on the same idea, but because of how they are misrepresented by a group of men. Yes, I said men intentionally, but more on that later.

In a social media post I said the following:

The falcon with a broken fang, the wolf with an injured wing; I am them and their pain is mine, and as the shadows of sad memories fade, a hopeful feeling abides.

Falcons have no fangs and wolves do not have wings, not outside of my imagination, anyways, but in this profound confusion both beasts feel real. The issue, as I see it, is that the power of my doubt has corroded the core of my logic; worse still, I love this confusion.

And I love it because in attempts to see that logical part of me awake again, I have explored possibilities unthinkable to me just days ago. It's growth of a kind that will propell me forward into further discovery. I should recommend that you visit your confusion as a channel to clarity.

And why am I typing this here? I can assure you that while it may provide more reasons to be confused, that isn't the case for this short piece. No, I want to show how lost I have been in my imagination.

I've been to that place where the falcon's fang can and has pierced my flesh, and where the wind produced by the powerful flapping of the wolf's wings has forced me to hold on to my coat.

I do wish I were here to tell you that I want to go back to the objectivity of my normality, but I'm here to let you know that I may stay behind for a while.

I'm staying lost in the hopeful feeling of my confusion.


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