Updates For Love's Dialogue 2021

News for Love's Dialogue 2021

It's Monday, February 1st of 2021, and I'm experiencing withdrawal symptoms, not from alcohol or drugs, but this group. I am happy to get the chance to talk about love and share other peoples' experiences of love and how they perceive it. I am delighted with this project; however, I have had to take a step back and reevaluate my methods to correctly accomplish this mission. I am happy to report that I, or we, as I count on my business partner Xander Ellis's invaluable help, that we are ready to launch new initiatives to make our community stronger and better for all of us.

We will be launching the YouTube Channel on Wednesday, February 3rd of 2021, along with a podcast to narrate articles and discuss the topics our articles present.

Xander has been working on new social media strategies to make our online presence more substantial and to increase our reach so that our authors can benefit more from being part of this community.

We will disclose details on Wednesday.

A lot is coming this week, and it pleases me to think of where we will go from here. I can think of many projects that have excited me before, but this one is different; I know that Love's Dialogue can change lives. If this movement's idea is to give people a better understanding of love and all its iterations, this movement can change the world.

Forward, for love, Logic, and the betterment of the world.

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